EATING my reasons i taste how speed kills me
a reminder of how sheep bleep gotta feel how
my skin feels so outta my ‘self’ — empty lips
killing me in all ocular reason so far
from home to find me to find myself i am
refugee of love (I CAN’T HELP MYSELF)
oh how we die (flat black dress in perfect gray)
no, how we lie and speed kills
coming down a mountain and the Jesus who never
touches ground a clean toe //woke up
inside myself and in God/gold how i feel your
lips and the world flocks to a tomb of resurrection
and i found myself/stone believing
i’m a silent refugee of painful roses
loving you so outta of my reach and how i love
the one so outta of my reach….eating my reasons
i taste how speed kills me a reminder
of how sheep bleep
–outside of refugee soul machine so warm
making faces so different like these playful
words and a poet is a shadow that we never let
through to the stage of strange life! a word,
or many like a chemical between us and we love
the ground and here it comes…the tongue of
mind and our brothers and sisters seem so
invincible! A world within my heart and mind!
to be perfect just like you

:: 091112015 ::

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