1, 2, 1, 2, 3 …

One .. two … one …two
three ..

Met my love long distance
— we just came from far away
seemed we both were doing
nothing busy when we met
when we met each other
I had a frog within my throat
she spoke –> threw all of
me outside outside my heart
and croak went the frog
Words so cool–> OOOH yeah
thunder lightening times
like stars spoke to me;
thunder like a stroke;
her voice was my heart
her voice — i think,
i think (i love her)
So sweet like sweet fruit
nothing but kindness
the kind’a love like
forever is a promise.
Yea, her.
I had come from diaster
like a war or two —
when she walked into
the outdoor outdoor
of my phone — thus
became the love over
time. She built, like
a statue of love;
she so bright –>
a kind like electricty,
oh she ; know I love her
Ah she is the one I love
Such love like butterflies
and flowers pollinating me
She is the /Queen Bee\
The queen bee.
And I love her!
Love her!

:: 12-07-2017 ::

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