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i believe completely your affection
for my mental state, have you considered
we are two people caught between courage
and that lingering finger staring around
the ring of your finger?
i did not come here seeking life-lessons
that mother would never teach me at home:
i can taste the smell of your Soul
— you gave the band of Gold around fingers
your emotional trust.

:: 07.31.2020 ::


THIS I told to the man
who wed my daughter…

“In the mathematics of love…
1 + 1 = 1 “

and, I so gently placed
my daughter’s hand
upon the soul I trust

:: 03-24-2014 ::



into that fire so brief
an organ untuned
Spring, the last

we spoke tear;
and gave console
eternal words
not from fear

you beauty cry
my resolve strong
an arm upon heart
cascade tears girl

(does she know) that
love and life demand
joy, fear, life, love
her dress dipped blood

(so long dream here come life)

:: 03-12-2014 ::


WITHIN a room
of glass and flower
I handed the bride
to the groom
A howling wind
within my fields
that single point
an eternal blade
through mortality
divided my soul
one youth —
the other old

:: 03-10-2014 ::


LOVE has no shape
it turns around
and bleeds into thoughts
and sounds it sings
— into an ear
And causes the skies
to weep in sheets
— of winds or tears
Love is all around
for all to see
It can cause one
to blow their mind
and seeps into a soul
Because we love
and love is the truth
as truth loves
— you



My DEARLY loved one
there truely
are no words
that expression
god-smack love
that smittens
the best of us
to express
such feelings
that betray
our mask
of hidden

My nature – so low
compared to Mother’s
love — what you need
I lack in my given
To believe that gulf
can be bridged —
is more than I know
but I try and so I do
in all I say and think
I always truely think of you
Let fire and ice
burn and freeze me
but never disbelieve
What my words
–that I try to express

To you love
love always
for you
— forever…



The measure of a man — not in his salary
In fact his currency is determined in fortitude…
pain and diversity being the true benchmark of maturity

The bedrock of conviction in his determination of decision
disallows the change of course by those who shout and defer
He is the oak tree that stands after torrential rains and wind

The measure of a man — not in height or fashionable wear
His walk tells the tale in sure stride and measured steps
Each footfall a thunderous testimony of his path in life

To those that know him praise the undying conviction of life
represented by his acts of compassion for love of family
God is his anchor and his ship sails the vast ocean of ‘Now’

The measure of a man — not in his house nor his title
but the little ones that gather at his feet at day’s end
and a loving woman that understands she is his reason to live