We The Birds You Always Charm Atop Lookouts

WE are the trees that never change
We are the rivers and creeks that always flow
in our hour

We are the crown of the white chrysanthemum
and the brilliance of the sky
and the shadow that crept under my window
and how can the memory of those moments ever be wasted?

Without any help from you there is nothing here
can I write.

If a bee breaks the buzzing silence
the silence itself will roar with its own size.

After the waiting of man
the forest refuses to wait

Who would have thought the forest could be waiting
for longer?

No longer long in the curves of the canopy of its green.

What must the saw-whet owl in the felled tree
swoop to listen in the long grass
Who would have thought the air would be so full of bee and dusk?

No human in the forest lives alone
only forest and meadow, and me.

No man in the forest gives life.
No man in the forest gives and takes.
No man in the forest fights the trees.
No man in the forest tears to see
so the forest goes.

And trailed roots leave their soiled path.

:: 10.27.2022 ::

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