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It’s a complicated world
ruled by pain and fear
Everything’s ‘will you swim
or will you fade’
the smallest things
hold us back
the madness outside
these walls
are nothing compared
to what’s within my halls

Brain traffic: s/o confused
grid-locked & neurotically fused
Drain my Soul
Brain traffic: over/used
fear-porn-fed till your dead
then Life’s on hold
it’s all Inside your head

:: 03.27.2020 ::


THE moon pies in your mouth make sweeter
kisses as you lose weight
and you said, “Art, let’s go to the
museum, I wanna hang you on the wall
cause I need to criticize you then leave
you for the other critics of life”
And like the gills and fins of
dying creatures called poets;
fishing for all the right words
so relaxing to bait another hook
with syntax by the ocean eating me
I wear the language necklace of hearts
within a never-existed lesson in love

:: 06-17-2015 ::