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listen. Of hearts that sing —
wailing aside. Better if eyes
could taste the color love
And in flight with bee
a passionate kiss from thee!

:: 10-15-2018 ::


SWEET life love lick
glory as you were
i am a friend you
a bee out of skies
a last immortal leaf
don’t be late
dead and gold
alive and old
a formal sperm
in the

this is a memory of shiny
things as the mud i breached
we were receptive
,earth, O me O my O we
i’m depressed as a friend
then a drill as a kiss
these fragile splendors from
as i know memories (is it so)
as a friend i know Marian
i know memories i know you
come be as a friend we love
no lingering no backward step
just to be us O
o me o my o we
o we o why o yes i love
just a memory, a memory
of my m i n d
O y e a h

:: 09162015 ::


HAVE you seen a ‘v’
hop across a ‘t’
or even ‘y’ inside
a ‘d’
it’s all inside of me
alphabet needs
something in the way
language eats at me
in a deep dark well
of my mostly nights
i kissed ‘m’ and ‘e’
all of me
cried feeling how i
am SO “m” “T”
something in the way
yeah…something in
a way how words touch
all i hide away from
me ||||||||oh!

:: 09-02-2015 ::