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the oceans are rising
not so surprising since
i first met you
an arctic heart land-locked
killed all the penguins
now i have no suit to wear
polar bear hates how you
burn and melt all ice
even though you’re all
a glacier-soul dipped
inside my bourbon drink
freeze! freeze! on
my scarred knees!
it’s kind’a soothing how
you sue me with your
ways it’s so comforting
to be insane ~~ insane!
you carry within your
ash-burned purse twenty
pieces of silver
the Judas of broken-hearts

:: 07-06-2015 ::


THAT vast wintry move
become more than ice
a chasm between souls
where once danced fire
now quietly —
lay broken tear

:: 03-10-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013


i cannot forget but shall forgive
one the mind, the other the heart
and if forget my warmth should you
i gave to you from my heart
please forget I crossed your path
pain is true and love that more

:: 02-08-2014 ::


I WAS lost
— when i died
from love
A victim of faith
and sincerity
bringing home
— reality

As flowers bloom
— beneath the sun
only words and acts
alone won’t lend
the magic that love
— upon depends

But within my heart
— the romantic lives
and knows one day
— here will she be
and then I will know
— she is my love



YESTERDAY was a wet sorrow fallen from a leaf
and I picked up the pieces of your broken heart
I thought a skip or two from the hip of my heart
would correct the limp of your soul and spirit
Now you, my friend, have serious damage of life
(I commend the spirit of your endeavor lover)
But now I refrain from the flame of destruction
but love the teeter-totter of fatalistic love
(hush my love just bite the lip of fate for us)
and now my shoes have lost their sole —
and souls of those that walk without so much
begin to regret the price of one-for-two
Pretty woman…(yes my love) pretty woman
I cannot deny the love that keeps my orbit
Pretty women…(so my love?) pretty women
I run in circles trying to find your reason
run I do when my lungs collapse from denial
Let my sorrow burn the fields of flowers
from your maddening sickness in this season


BY what measure
to determine love
Surely not during mingle
but upon separation — I say

Then only does the heart —
feel what it has not
The mortal wound of happiness
— // —