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AS everyone on one side of the party lines sang
the other were dead; and while everyone on the
other side of a party line died the other sang.

And this is how rot creeps within society;

to believe that beliefs are division.
that a whole can become fragmented by
philosophy and that one is evil over the other;
that in similar logic all separate parties are
in all insidious fact are evil.

And like the dead who have living bodies and
have become old through media saturation:
the magnificent mausoleum of a natural
world outside mourns the Children of God.

the tombstone of a moon.
the rosery beads of bloody tears.
And fear is King and the Queen a forgotten
truth we may never again remember.

:: 09-14-2017 ::


Plastic clouds sherbet skies
meeting place of the stones
you were too hard today
the way you sat there —
so I took a walk across the mind
silly thoughts and memories.
A slither pinned in medulla
a pinstriped boy pulled her.
The ocean drowned the Earth
as we watched the little ones
running for the backstage
forgetting all their lines.
I guess the beltway fades
as all the cockroaches die
We are the mind, only one
a mind to mend upon the sky

:: 05-16-2014 ::


Oh humanity sang to me
a dream of vanilla beans
a toxic stream of caffeine
surrealism caught a train
and zebras smiled alone
undulating umbrellas
spinning backwards
Mori Tower swayed
earthquakes moved
UFOs over LA too
and my politician
his name GOD died
and in that place
a sucking sound
filled by Patriots
who cocked their guns
and Buffalos grinned
babies cooed a boo
I’m crying so hard
Ice cream melting
but my car runs
and I’m moving
the landscape too
we crawl across
beautiful lands
but now its cool
not like commercial
shit floats now
and death sinks
good thing yeah
a rearview mirror
is Godsend too

:: 04-14-2014 ::


The greatest cosmic joke:

that humans believe
they are in control
of world affairs

the cosmic Jester
— laughs —


WATCH the busy as the doers spend
caught in life the prey in web
diligently doing the doers deed
comes the spinner spinning
until the end silvery spun death

:: 02-03-2014 ::


EMBRACE the brave
new sickness– it will kill
as surely as it heals