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All My Love Turns to Glass

i LET the tears fall down my face   beneath the shame of living weak
i told Gabriel take me all   inside my heart is a Sun
mostly never seen — and they   burn away |  oh yea yea

i FORGET the summer banks   of French shores
but brothers died there   so i relate

all for war
all for whores
all for personalities
who hate

Sliding like dead souls   on the malaise yesterday
shivering whirling   yet i move o — somewhere
deep inside like an old soul crystalling so i jump
too much i blush   i sharpen my rage
you left me so never to be the Goliath of your Word

citizens bragues trampled   by traps of cracked minds.
Their dirty hands cleaning   the gout of urine on the war-
spread sidewalk where bodies   lengthen in the sun’s heat.

Poltergeist activity continued   at nuisance level — a coke can
returned time after time to the top of my burea inside my bedroom.

  Fork and spoon hiding rather shyly in   the sink — children’s characters all
me dying.  And Bill and Ben of the Flowerpot
Men, coming back to check upon the child
i am.  I jumped inside the car of my best friend
from the 16th century and we rode out screaming
“alive alive!”

:: 10.25.2022 ::

QUOD numquam accedit ad lumen aeternum (THAT NEVER GOES UNTO THE ETERNAL LIFE)

THAT HAS never approached the eternal
light of my Heart

as: Nunc rcm unguentorum,

relish the night as
when tears are not enough
the end is closer
toward a new beginning
than the fears recessed toward
that One who Always Lost
but ——> but not us.

:: 07.10.2020 ::

COME BACK DOWN (from this cloud)

\what of love? What of hate?
i say no word as no one knows
shall see & feel the (k)not —
of what i need___
grinning and begging
are hands-machine-like
hearts of no good too
quick i know this !
oh never coming down
from this cloud; is hands
is work since born is good
//so should’a so should have
-things nothing i say
a pregnant size of one good
Yes completely Kind____this
immeasurable anguish like the
scent of summer flowers of always
their flowers of stone so silently

:: 07.03.2020 ::


My heart has asked of me, by the stream
it asked of me:

(What feelings are if anything, truth.)

Do the trees sing their songs
when the wind blows?

The spider web sways but maintains.

When your legs are moving along life’s
twisting paths, do I (your heart)
speak softly to you?

The witness are the clouds above you.

As the tears come who sees your
shadow hide behind the rocks?

The falcon’s call of nothingness,
that spins your mystery.

And sunrise is a wondrous gift
and sunset but a promise.

:: 11-25-2018 ::


i wish not for
the grand lips
of LIFe to
say my name!
/Silence is
a universe ?\
Giving her
words to

:: 12-08-2014 ::


BECAUSE silence knows
— the heart kindred souls
we are…

one to whisper
— sweet nothings
tenderly listens the other

My sweet silence
— come to me
upon calm seas

Encompass thee
that we might sail
toward paradise lands