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All My Love Turns to Glass

i LET the tears fall down my face   beneath the shame of living weak
i told Gabriel take me all   inside my heart is a Sun
mostly never seen — and they   burn away |  oh yea yea

i FORGET the summer banks   of French shores
but brothers died there   so i relate

all for war
all for whores
all for personalities
who hate

Sliding like dead souls   on the malaise yesterday
shivering whirling   yet i move o — somewhere
deep inside like an old soul crystalling so i jump
too much i blush   i sharpen my rage
you left me so never to be the Goliath of your Word

citizens bragues trampled   by traps of cracked minds.
Their dirty hands cleaning   the gout of urine on the war-
spread sidewalk where bodies   lengthen in the sun’s heat.

Poltergeist activity continued   at nuisance level — a coke can
returned time after time to the top of my burea inside my bedroom.

  Fork and spoon hiding rather shyly in   the sink — children’s characters all
me dying.  And Bill and Ben of the Flowerpot
Men, coming back to check upon the child
i am.  I jumped inside the car of my best friend
from the 16th century and we rode out screaming
“alive alive!”

:: 10.25.2022 ::


Wave to me and say, “only one single tear as a symbol of the price I pay for loving.”

Why do I search for that shining Soul I love and search the page for that name
written in the most elegant hand?

And why do I know that one look will last forever
but if I give up this hope it will destroy me?

Why can’t I sleep with my heart in my mouth, like a bell
that rings only for the grave?

The crickets are at peace and there is a choir singing
so now there is no room for thoughts to speak …
and love stops
and love falls
on everything that’s not.

The rain is turning and the water glistens
at my feet with tears mixed with raindrops.

Now the sky’s too bright and my eyes are saying,
“I can’t see through the mist for I am too tall and
too dark.”

O my dreams.
Take me home.
Take me home.
My dream take
me home.

:: 07.21.2021 ::