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Within the tower of a castle
within the empire
of my existence

are all the lovely souls
are all the missed gifts
all within a lovely vassal

And if it all falls away
falls away in misunderstanding
there is hope there are some
there are some strong enough
to withstand and exist

And what useless,
foolish regrets
And what harmful,
regretful fears

And within the tower
of my castle
within the empire of
all existence

No room for sorrow
No room for tears
No room for fears

But a world of One Nation
And to hear the laudations
to hear the flatteries
of all the angels…

All within the towers
within the towers
of our castle!

:: 04-08-2018 ::


THE soul is dying and there’s no Christ
to save you//the roads are littered with
bits and pieces of memories of what was
the gutters are clogged with the spent
Spirits of the living and a dark wind
blows// with a government so corrupt
and we stand listening to the broadcasts
on tv and internet radio to realize we’re all
trapped within the gut of a bizzare machine
and we’re dying together with the falling
sun and overgrown flags and our hopes
i held the hand of my lover wishing saying
“kiss me” to release this dream of a fever
and she took my love one last time
we are the generation of chance
where the dice fall is only by God’s hand
:: 09-11-2015 ::

Love is a Nation

Love is a Nation of little people
the invisible workers of
inexhaustible nature;
a titter-patter walking
across all hearts
and passing through doors,
across erected walls.
some cry, “Hello!”
but mostly they go unknown
with tiny eyes glistening
and heavy souls

:: 03-09-2015 ::


THE greatest expression
of emotion is also
mostly feared:

T.  E.  A.  R.  S.
e,  m,  l,  e,  o
n,  o,  w,  g,  u
d,  t,  a,  a,  l
e,  i,  y,  i,  //
r,  o,  s,  n,
,  n,
,  s,

:: 09-30-2014 ::


my eyes — my Creator!
what have i seen —
that Glory within reach
those humble broken hopes
that golden binding Promise
my eyes, what have i seen
no word, expression-be
i see that horizon and over
across the rainbow of love
that Promise not just for-eye

:: 04-15-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles – 2013

SLEEPING I dreamed I had a wardrobe
and there were every kind of costume,
each one for the fantasy of life.
But the police cuffed my hands
saying, “Don’t you know kind sir,
we control the fate of humanity.”
The dream police took me away,
saying there’s no court for my offense
and they threw me back into the cell
where waking people sit and wait,
hoping of a life where they can dream too.

:: 02-04-2014 ::


SANG the song bird
so solemnly
upon it’s perch
unknowingly in peace
the destruction below

Innocence is blind
decayed reality
below the bridge
she sings to me
melodies of truth

Let’s sing a song
unsheathe the disease
and lay down the sword
the blade is worn
and life is sharp

The bewildered youth
clearly see melee
confusion is the union
Let our future control
and guide us to our fate

We sing the song bird’s
song of truth and light
perched so high above
it touches
— the film of heaven

:: 01/24/2014 ::


THE emotional dimension
— most interesting
a part of the human-animal
a landscape built on perception
the landfill —
of revelations | experiences
beauty and truth and joy-pain

These nuances
constitute the human-experience
do beat down
such dark hole
some call depression
— spiritual malaise
threatens to eat us alive



I’M falling into blue-skies
because the world
— is tender-round
Fly my feather-heart
into wind-highs
Because your heart
is blue – it makes me cry
No need for crystal-tears
you can hold my hands
and come fly with me
into love-is skies so blue


UPON empty midnight streets
a washed in silver night rains
I carried your ghost in arms

Not once did you say —
or breath upon my skin
your ghost declines such pleasure

And on that cobblestone night
clickety-clack of horsemen
I saw your shadow in the park

Frozen-stare in congealed time
then in action I ran toward you
there by the grand tree of oak

Moonbeam drops through pale skin
opal hair distant stare
ruby lips love-drench gems

Away the world fell
cascade-passion drowned
eddies swirl-lust despair

You are the ghost
within my arms
moon-leaves fall
sparkle-night burn
one body–two hearts

I carry you today
— tomorrow-eternally
one body
— two hearts