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(i could never hide

i am libra
always drawn
toward your pain

allow my tongue
to lick the nectar
of your swollen soul

i am free of your lies
like Jesus not Galba
as a bee i vomit honey

so sweet you want
to die

i am a force un-wrecked
like water flowing through
steel or winter’s fire

i am the golden bee
i am free
i am free

of your lies

if you look into my eyes
what will you see?
no anger just spirit

it’s all you wish to be

more than a smiling face
on social media

i’m a spirit

a golden bee

i’m a spirit
of personality

:: 09-08-2018 ::


FREE is a spirit unleashed
by all conventional thoughts!
Love kisses the air of all
expansive-nature unbounded
by prison walls:  the sun,
her buzzing bee of life!
Children of our own past
— we were and some are
the golden honey of stars!

and a universe inviting us
if we should ever grown up!

:: 06-23-2015 ::


I despise my skin
the body within —
clothes that dispose
a shadow of myself
What awake human
could love this state
the separation between
heaven and hell

:: 03-03-2014 ::


I walk around and down the walk
just another day minding business
and I can hear the people saying
nothing matters but what’s in heart
such a thing needed is more song
about love and life and smiles too
and what does the man say…
listen to what they all sing
it’s what the heart needs
and it needs…la la la ta da la la
and the flowers twirl float soda
and sherbet paints Mona Lisa
and she is singing la la la ta da la la
it’s what the heart needs yes it does

:: 03-02-2014 ::