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PASSION breath my love
betray not a one
who beneath my wings
protect I — from life
Lessen your life-winds
less the robin falls
from its high perch
and love nests…
let them remain
within the bosom
of dreams and night



THE emotional dimension
— most interesting
a part of the human-animal
a landscape built on perception
the landfill —
of revelations | experiences
beauty and truth and joy-pain

These nuances
constitute the human-experience
do beat down
such dark hole
some call depression
— spiritual malaise
threatens to eat us alive



I WAS born upon a raft
a castaway upon the sea
many a year ago my birth
— upon the briny deep

And all I know
is the vast waters
all points across
an oceanic reality

But once I dreamed
born I be upon a land
where all I saw
was disharmony

all points across
vast humanity
where fear and pain
delivered a daily dose

I now realize my
birth-induced reality
is far better than
human-animal insanity



WHERE is courage
that I see within life…
the first breath
of a newborn
the first step of a child
and even dare I say…

the first kiss of passion

With existence
such trails
shall all walk in life
aimed towards a final event…
requiring the greatest courage
— the last breath of life



THIS my mind said to me:
like a babbling brook I dream
so clearly in my crystal waters
I smooth the surface of your soul
and beneath I tumble spirit-so…

As my thoughts rumble-flow
against the tide — your shoreless life
my banks constrict but do direct
across the eddies and whirlpools
toward the eventual waterfall
In the end you spill and splash



WE met at the local coffee shop
and I told you the romance was over

You choked at first then cried some tears
and said that you had ALREADY LEFT ME

I walked away and did not look back
You were crying and so very alone

On the way home I saw a wreck —
No survivors the police said to me

I saw your car — then realized your words
Within the carnage of twisted metal there you were
and had been dead for hours…

:: 11-10-2013 ::


YOU met my heart along the rim
of Vesuvius — that night we shared
sangria and fell in love

like a fragrance within my heart
you changed the tone to light from dark
nothing but violins and a silky night

storms and turmoil came too soon for us
floods, ice, winds and tidal waves
nature kissed us goodbye in her own way

hours into days and months into years
showers in may and oceans of tears
fate twisted chance one particular day

We politely said hello in a hollow way
you bit your lip – I coughed a heart
our shadows dance for lost tomorrows

I saw what I had you knew what I saw
You saw what I was — I knew the cause
love remains but so do the scars

WE met in disgrace along our own way
you said goodbye — I said so long
now we regret more than silly words
                    — // —


where do you draw the line
disjointed  reasons
etches across my mind
a proverbial thought on hinge

what say you my man – so abstract
rejoicing voices
love shares bisecting angles
and pleasure diverge across points

a fissure in creativity moves
you crawled out
punching reality in the jaw
shatter concepts – creating new law
— // —


I SAW what I could not touch
beyond the pane of a glass
the distance a mere foot
but the reach beyond doing

Blood thicker than water
they say with a smirk
but I know the meaning
it belies the truth

Such longing is a blade
that cuts beyond the soul
with transgression as insult
a cold silence my shadow

Born into a circle as one
pushed and discarded aside
colors bleed black grey
and red dries with cries

A life review will say
in turmoil, rot and decay
what I could not this day
Express to all who knew



I NEVER want to forget
what pain your advice bought
My thick bloodstained hands
are forever in your debt
and you, a ghost in flesh is what my heart sought
you are the sky and wind
in my eternal anguish tonight
crying eyes bleeding notes
played on broken strings
bring on the orchestra until the fat lady sings
You are the ghost in flesh
cutting into my brain
forget the dinner and bring on the cake
so much pain
never want to forget the pleasure of a half measure
makes you so happy and me so insane
Till the curtain falls you are within the halls of my soul

— // —