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YES I confess it all!
Lost am I in detritus shall
nature is such a pansy
I could blame her all
but clearly it is me
whose weakness — the stalk
my flower falls

I seek the single note
ivory key opens me
ebony be my fantasy
carry me away fluidly
carnival ride waves
dreamy rivulets be
tragic tone keeps me

Life is mother
— mother ate me
me so silently
— strength beneath
her layers of skin
smothered me
Her baby I’ll always be

Love-me kiss-me
smother-me hug-me
melt me womb-be

:: 01-22-2014::


She entwines your spirit
As a spinster with the yarn
Creating the apparel
for your naked heart

She encases your soul
in brilliant precious gold
The financier of your future
her love makes you the richest

She protects your sense of self
and battles the weaker you
The man you are is what she made
her love, spirit, and soul…

Is yours to cherish and forever hold…