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so i died just today like yesterdays and
i’m a friend of my own mind so ugly
And today i sang angelic songs cause
i’m so past flesh … yeah, past
yeah, past yeah past …
And if i’m lonely i speak to myself
and once heard how
faulty my pluming is from the bottom
to the top of my sun-bleached skull
yeah yeah yeah
yeah oh yeah
I carry your corpse within my heart
I killed you when you died ~~
and ate the funeral dirt in my holy mouth
and now so happy cause
in my head i found years
of everyday i cared 4 u
i’m so past flesh
yeah, past!
yeah, past!
yeah, past!
and if i’m lonely
i just speak to myself!

:: 08-05-2016 ::

The Lover In a Hailstorm

mind, running heart
and dimmed eyes,
I once loved
a beautiful soul
who became
my life only to fold
and crease
my heart squared neatly:
Her lips spoke without
words and mine too,
like dying petals in
a dark hailstorm!
I saw within her eyes
a thank you
and then the spark gone!
and the hell storm
never ceased;
tearing petals from
all the world’s flowers!

:: 02-21-2015 ::


Spring fever has come
to all of you who know
and love freedom too

Thomas has a tree
he planted, needs feeding
and any blood will do
a finger scratches

not a sniff-and-do
but a document made
years ago in soul-gold

We love and love do
liberty dance with me
freedom breeds life
and life is a whore
she loves everyone

So now, a silence sings
it’s everywhere too
and the world’s eyes
stare and bleed at you
We have a show to tell

Feed me love my liberty
i taste the blood of ages
and my soul i give to you
oh, never mind the fear
instant fame for heroes

and the tree grows
a stem strong and firm
and guns and roses too
sing me that freedom song

:: 04-07-2014 ::


Please learn this lesson love
sometimes a strong heart
should not live too long
Admirable love of strength
when battles are won
Look across the field
many die that fight for life
But your soul remains so
beyond any you love
or know — alone are you
An empty field of bones

:: 03-03-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

Oh Leviathan of deep oceans my soul!
no eye sees what waters move you
and cold deep comfort that warm heart
seafarers banish harpoon made of slate
and human hearts frail of tissue-skin
what chases whom across vastness say
ghosts, dreams, shadows, malaise
go my dear beast, deep, far, and wide
lest hemocyanin colour that grand heart
the oceans cover that which is great

:: 03-01-2014 ::


THAT seventh heaven
today I died not in flesh
but in spirit so —
both I did in equal measure
’twas I just a step
from His throne

:: 02-28-2014 ::


WINTER her final Spring
in bed ridden fashion
such life fiercely battled
Industriousness bought
through pain and tears

Through force of life
and broad strokes of art
travels she made
upon creative youth

And Death spoke, assuredly
but crept in delicate fear
and begged a pardon
— a release of guilt

Her flower withered…
but not from existence
a pollination across hills
to the fields of other-there

:: 01-29-2014 ::


if not
what I dreamed
Who dissuade
my imperial dream
that I am not me
What power
dissolves me
I say nothing
for I am more
— a soul to reckon

:: 01-27-2014 ::


WHAT was weak
snapped into piece
I sadly held onto
my broken soul…
My angel spoke
and said it so…
what is broken
becomes the steel

:: 01-27-2014 ::


THE day began
as a fire
burning it did
the line’s horizon

What grand power
to hush the dark
in tender hour…

Such a fire
burns within
— a daily dose
to chase away
such darkness
for repose!

:: 01-25-2014 ::