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SO a lot happens when nothing happens
sometimes a knock upon the door
sometimes against the walls
watching them that watch us

picking flowers within a field
i can hear the babbling brook
and hear birdsong and wind
and see the phantoms in the skies
watching them that watch us

A mystery of intention sings
within the mind of woken ones
that we may be no one & nothing
at all within the scheme of

are we out or are we in?
we may all cry when the day
comes and pray for something
that watches us that we watch

Phantoms in the skies
when you see me when the winds
blow through the sun
when you hear me scream towards
the moon — can you save me when
they come?

A lot happens when nothing happens
sometimes a thought in the head
sometimes a feeling through the heart
watching them that watch us.

:: 04.19.2021 ::


COLORS of confetti and streamers of dreams
won’t you let me taste your joyous laughter
I have a machine so shiny and wondrous
let me land it here and enjoy your city

What would your world say if I spoke hello
shatter economies — making it harder for the Pope
The message I want to give goes against the grain
So I have to say just flow with the moment – I’ll go

But I want to stay for a while
and spread my love to the world
but remember I do what you did —
to the last one who landed here