Daily Archives: June 13, 2015


ever dreaming sweet soul I see how so low the moon
is and the music blows all through my mind
everything you felt is life
And I was speechless I saw you run around the world
so bright and you never lost your spot until tonight
And the world doesn’t sing anymore and I touched your
hand and say, “Dear what is everything if not light?”
I should have known
I should have turned
I should have gave you
all I am and more
It’s burning like a sun
and I will beat it everyday until I see your smile return
It’s all a heart beat so lovely it’s all a heart beat
and I’m dying inside the ember of your losing light girl
(turn it) I’m saying I’m so near and I pull your light
from the darkness unto my own soul-Light and we’ll beat
the darkness and never turn to stone:  the

Tomorrrow is a new world!

:: 06-11-2015 ::


AND    ponder the dried       once-tender
stems of bountiful beauty
of spreading       once-color     by
nature’s own heart    clinging to a dream
now faded into the soil
Breasts heave and men shudder by utter
extant fear//life with the margin of
once-unstained white
A few deleted unspoken
thoughts;dripping parts of broken dolls
sadly laying to sleep
spanked and put to keep
by shelves of dust
scolded hearts interrupt
: punished prisoners

:: 06-13-2015 ::


LOVE! ; YES I am parts
but One of Someone’s
own heart;   my head
apart from the rest
and thankfully myt
soul exists ELSEWHERE
;  doubt say you?
come here
see me here and somewhere
else –>  there and there!
my thoughts idle horizontally
worthless self in particularly
essence of what I, We, and ARE
the monster of that mad man!

06-13-2015 ::


THE first heart to be loved by its most bitterest
friends has died broken and destitute;  a worn
flag flown across all this ruinous Nation
of an Anti-amorous planet and dirty children
throw their mud-crusted hands into the air
and weep for their heroes and whores and addicts
say, ‘Tis the last day of Earth’ \\ Let the shadows
swallow the deepest throats of Hollywood
Let the tendrils of Unforgiven
snake through Wall Street
and Squeeze the puss from
the Wallets of Hungry Warlords
but save the Unicorns and
the Tender Butterfly-Lips
of all the World’s children!

06-13-2015 ::