Daily Archives: June 22, 2015


So slowly the day drains away
from my own aching lonely heart
and I see the trees along my way
to the empty space of my heart
and I hear it whispering,
“So strong so lovely so beautiful
is this coming night” and I weep
again. I see the moon, it says
‘nighty-night’ I see the birds
and the slumbering clouds
kissing me in all their wet mouth
and when I’m alone I should dream
life is a stage of two lovers
shouting emotions and when we touch
we dream a little dream of love
and when the day dreams away
and wild animals sing “souls”
and I close the compact in me
and give all of me, my heart.

:: 06-22-2015 ::


And your thumb so sore from suckling:
A barn Yard Dance / Say goodnight Moon!
and / Where the Wild Things Are /
Chicka Chicka Boom / Press Here
/ The Rainbow Fish like where
/ The Sidewalk Ends all like
/ The Growing Tree and never
let / The pigeon drive the Bus!
And when you grow up never
let him take everything
I ever taught you dear!
/ James and the Giant Peach
wants to marry / A Little Princess
so you visit / The Doll People
but you, you are the child
that / Books Built a heart
like the Sword in the Stone!
and I’ll find you within / The
Secret Garden of my heart!

:: 06-22-2015 ::


Perfection is a fractured line
between artist and patient
within a psychiatric ward
— this line
I’ve erased!

:: 06-22-2015 ::


My words are children
born with or without
legs and hearts
un-aborted regardless
of defects:  as giver
of life through emotion
as poetry and paintings
that speak to me
Sometimes a shadow
–we dance
other moments,
an echo,
they always speak to me!

:: 07-24-2014 ::


A melancholy-lust
bursting kiss!

:: ~ ::


IF pears compare
to apples smile
then fruit is key;
the orchid of hearts!
And if rivers roar
like stone’s ashore
then water is rock
and time, smooth
My ancient heart
tiny-tender toes,
patter-slide me!
The ballerina heart
saves me, my soul!

:: ~ ::


I ate the thoughts of belief
upon a sunny morning;  just
me and I, defined by hands
wringing doubt

I found the meaning of every
moment — dark;  a love letter
of life never written and a
soul of white heat

It kept my tears neat

So, I ate the thoughts of belief
upon a sunny morning!

Just me and doubt.
:: – ::


AND so my love shall we be
the wings of a butterfly
dipping nectar -see?
Shall we gather nuts
as the squirrel does
before wintery days?
I wish — may I?
To be the crashing waves
of any shoreline!
Or the dew so heavy
it collapses the leaf
of a morning break!
So, love, what shall we
be? Doves? To spread
our wings upon the hope
of peace — yes, dear.
That is us!

:: – ::


THAT tear i wish to be
so pure a true drop-see
an innocent expression from me
made peace sad apple bite
my heels; burned in stiletto
but my dress falls neatly
a walk from   here
to –> there
And ageless tears see
each frame-flash desired
a numbWe mySoul be
a l w a y s!
I wish a rain to dance within
just me and cloud-thunder
that only an Eye-God sees
What I am inside always!

:: – ::


FEELING  telling DYing yelling
screaming painful words my love
I should banish my tongue dear
The world and love would praise this
feat I cannot bear
;I am the fear
that adores you
The hidden heart
of a broken soul
So love me and
especially hate
the little spot
I possess called
fear;  I kiss you
a million hearts
//my enduring lover

:: 06-20-2015 ::