Daily Archives: June 29, 2015


Gave a pack of cigarettes
and a chocolate bar to
a homeless man —
nothing else to say
Say, the pain and loneliness
and smell of years without
love– and his shoes
like a life worn too well
burned the sole of all wishes
he never knew and I said
everything’s my fault
he took all the blame
and we laughed saying
we like Kit Kats and so he
struck a match smoking
a cigarette
And like the smoke we
all fade away
fade away in the end
except for compassion
and time bites us all
I’m so much like you
homeless within a world
of hating hearts and soul

:: 06-27-2015 ::


When we say, “save yourself”
we kiss knowing too well
like when the skies are dark
there’s a sun above
What makes us happy is
when we see rain
and dark clouds
There’s a heart inside
the locked soul of life
And we are so happy
so like when the world fades away
as our fingers fill the
space between the need
of love and I really love
how you rock and roll me
and punk my soul oh dear
Your hair is the color of
night and your eyes the sun
And between the thoughts
a sweet peach upon a branch
that I want to taste if it
makes you happy

:: 06-27-2015 ::


AND tell me honestly if there’s
no shoreline at the edge of
a hungry heart!
Knee deep just this day
I wandered your coastal line;
the fish nipping, the gulls
singing, the sun singing.
And the sand was HOT! each
stepping thought feeling me
beautiful oh most beautiful!
worlds of that pure desire
what were thoughts into summer!
I sit besides this glory ~
she; the sweetly creative

:: 06-27-2015 ::


Got a feeling and it hangs upon    the words of thoughts: under
the sheets of my heart
So I say I should turn aside and give you the Nation of my
own heart: when angels weep

I should give up my bag of     living tricks that keeps me
alone. Give her your heart; give me my own soul
And should clouds wrestle me to the ground then fog should
say it’s unfair ~
We are more than enough to fight for the best fight
for life and love and who would defend all?
We all have hearts and some alive and then
the others so bruised
they never beat at all

:: 06-27-2015 ::



silver waving glass
of ocean ||
you called wet love
dancing skirt
flinging flowers
all from hair
all in
m e
uch of an if
& your skin eating
all the light beams
of a horny moon
who is she
no other like

more than I should know
she is more dream than
what more becomes

the true soul-mate

:: 06-29-2015 ::