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within THAT part of humanity
that responds to all threats
we tell ourselves: we shall
bury you ; beneath our tears
i scream toward my little boy
run and hide across all
political fences ::we share all
same biology:: regardless of
ideology / if history was
a President there’d be no such
thing as subscribed views |
my sweet butterflies
my royal golden bees
my children are this world
we share such the same
and wishing God too.

:: 07.16.2020 ::


WITHIN the empire of my love & heart
within all things: so fly and kiss
all i am — within this empire
of visual senses/within all cities\
upon every blade of everglade
all the light all the fun from sun
i say: we are a people worthy of this
–holding out our hands:
upon the desert below the deep blue
ice above the rarest air i feel people
rising within the cities singing:
‘we are a people rising within the world
: a people worth love and care’

‘there is a people worth more than this
so hear me singing — all the angels and
all the devils around us can you see? there
is a people worth more than this who understands’

i say Life is the first gift
love is the second,
and understanding behind compassion

:: 07.16.2020 ::


say i say         i am so alright
i am me and forever
forgiving how the sun
is my skin oh son
i look like you and even
though mother looks like
someone you are me my son
and everything i blame
in shame — a choking sun
in all 0ur sun i feel as one
and love you love you
love you love you
i wish i was a silver snail
crawling all along infinity
and we sing, ‘in the sun we
feel so warm, in the sun,
we crawled across the sands
of life’ if i was so like you
i say i’m not you in my nasty
salt i am all to blame and
seeing you praying under the
sunlight blub sun i sing,
“wishing all of my apologies
are so sweet like so like
sherbert sweet ice and i know
i am the one to blame i receed
from choking ashes of blame
and feel the sun and feel as one
and i scream: say i say i’m so
alright i am me and forever
forving how the sun is my skin
oh love oh love of all of us
is all is all we all and i look
like you and so all we are is
all we are…all we are is all
we are..all we are is all we all

:: 09222013 ::