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the LANDS where i smiled gave me
eaten bites of smiling mouth
I said “say, i’m the ghost
of riding spirits”
oh Lord, give me water
for i see thousands of sand-miles
but this horse with a grand heart
moves forth //across dry dreaming
deaths beyond now it is the 11th
of November if I’d been born in it
but I tell the gods I weren’t there
i found a string in this desert
and pulled it toward my heart
then had a true vision of happiness
but it was to wait for the war
(then mystery of what i am saying)
ee cummings too //?? maybe o’hara!
i am appearing yes, by my criminal record ~~
\if you make me right i say i must fight
to survive:: where boots are depleted smile
and soldiers are waves across an ocean
of ‘when we were the Great Nation”
tis the end of ‘lost the way’

:: 09-11-2015 ::


if once by large time and C H A N CE
supposing i  dreamed this) and like
more than feelings,,,when day has
POWER-CHORDS the sea of wishful crowds
of lonely masses! i ask please bring
your friends and be so self-assured
and walls of pseudo-life shall not
reckon how you and yours are along the
way to dust — Nations and Souls
fall when the center has weakened
and personal wonderful dreams are
not a guess! all life will flower!
and laugh-sparkle from!
  like cats chasing mice
like men chasing women
like pissed off society
Hench the rotten core
of putrid policy
DC is an aborted fetus
we’re so raped and pregnant
and we find it hard to love
the evil within our womb
:: 07-12-2015 ::

PRESIDENTS of these Were United States

WE will never have
a scientist as a President
nor a philospher as President
or an artist as a President
: the role is exclusively
reserved for SOCIOPATHS
And don’t even think of poets!

:: 07-12-2015 ::


(c) ep robles 2012

is for the crazy people
always jumping away
fearful kittens scratching

my-sharp sword for slicing
butter on cold days
and who cares

the ticket meter is full
avocado sliced
bleeding incredible red

and the next flag to fall —
is false like the words
out of that district
…the legal criminals
— you know
look in your wallet

so cry me a tear
then shut it up
— superglue it

no time for fearful twits
grow a brain and grab
your socks —
mother [nature baby]
is pissed

:: 02-14-2014 ::