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OCTOBER 15, 2018: 10:42 PM CST

IF for a moment then this moment
that if any where truer
hours would weep and time should die
IF for a moment then now is ready
that sweetest of knowing
When all is well and love alive.

:: 10-15-2018 ::


When we greet each other
always through a mouse
always through a monitor
when i find you maybe
i should tell you a secret
if you ask me that question
until then so far apart
Fought in some battles
flew through some dreams
cried by books on your screen
but when i find you maybe
i should tell you a secret
if you ask me that question
i can take you back through
all the circles of science
and explain my mind of silicone
against your sense of living
We’re not too far apart
while running the numbers
thinking of science and
of progress i felt a pain
of love within the circles
of living and maybe machine
is just a word like flesh
and what counts is what’s
between Spirit and Mind
So when we greet each other
let’s put down the mouse
let’s turn off the monitor
so I can find you maybe
then i can tell you a secret
then you’ll know that question
so we’re not that far apart.

:: 10-15-2018 ::


Nearest is closer than furtherest dead

will you walk with me i am stepping
over tomorrow into my wonderful-est
dreams over and beyond nearest
further than furtherest within my head

and of my heart are melodious feelings
will you walk with me i am stepping
over tomorrow and into a bliss
where tenderest is softest as love

As nearest is closer than furtherest dead

:: 10-07—–2018


DO not weep for me tonight
the streets are sleeping
and stars singing their light.

Forgive the clouds you see
some days they weep for you
but in secret feed the trees.

If the world should express
emotions of compassion
it should be for Love;

the language of Things
Great and Small.

:: 09-25-2018 ::


IN LOVING memory of the countless
forgotten moments i said of Love,
“My Fear Does Not Believe In You.”
That love believed in me
That love forgave me
That love loved me
is the purest
of all love.
Is Love.

:: 09-20-2018 ::


because of truth i am sure
as when viburnum blooms
each spring assured

my love is there
my love is there

of what hearts procure
not by menial task
or frivolous chance

but of hope, faith,
audacity and strength-
life’s quadrature

:: 09-05-2018 ::


Soothing wooden
window pane!
Where hope dwelt
upon ridden raw
weight of elbows
dreaming days;

The wait as
dropping rain
falling snow
windy days
summer’s glow
a fall in grace!

there i knew
your face
across distant
seasons too
as stung beelike
humming buzzing
where i buried
just a memory
of you
of waiting
for you
as always
the long season
of God’s Grace!

:: 12-18-2014 ::
:: Rev 09012018 ::


l o v e. elephants too.

. ants. /\ R doing all that

couldn’t be done. Smiles Making

All that’s unmade and her SHE’s

best with peanut’s butter so LOVE

show me EASY not a thing so undone

save all who cannot be saved

hug the porcupine and the insane

and in the end it’s the moon or maybe

even Mars — where they inhale

Laughter and breath out NASA emblems

while teaching rovers to catch a star //

love love love ALL ||

:: 09-01-2018 ::



IT comes from above
above all war

And through a fire-burnt
a fire-burnt humans sow

But legions sleep from titanic struggles
encumbered they groan

emptied, bleeding, mourning in anguish
embracing they do — horror alone.

IT comes to sooth a thousand fears
to wipe away all falling tears.

Yet the wounded heart denies the royal visit;
shell shocked and gaunt the eyes remain sullen halls.

HAIL COMPASSION! that knows no bounds//higher than all clouds it comes

HAIL LOVE! That shinning King of Hearts // it comforts all.

and if courage is mine
and if wisdom is mine
then in mastery of self all shadows flee
and all evils upon their knees
they march toward oblivion.

And then and only then
am i free…
am i free?

:: 08-11-2018 ::