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FOUGHT in the trenches of France
the screams belied the deeds
Instead of ‘for country!’
more said for love of mother

The trench reeked of gas
but the tents smelled of smoke
if you had’em you smoked’em
boots rotted and socks to hell

The voyage to paradise made
— Lady Liberty with her staff
as stiff as any military man
the diesel smoke choked many

Prohibition ran into my roads
From Chicago to musty Atlanta
bullets, broads, booze and brute
there I met my fate in rain-lead

Say nothing to the solider
speak low my ghost-friend
you were there too – I know
even though you don’t remember



I AM a bundle of confused what-if’s
swimming southward toward the State
— of ‘Has-Been’
Knowing so very well my passport
has become full and expired
No country can claim me
— not even your Earth

I am the man that fell to space
and can never return…
lost in your meanings — such language
cultures, music, poetry — too much!
The whales they understand such feeling
your largest creature for a reason
the hottest blood, heart and soul swims

But I have drowned
and so go I must…