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A blossom of heart
a brain of red storm
that soars in swarms
of indistinct dreams
holding frail fingers
of silver nails
writing two charming

“loving you”

And within the scene
of heavy hair where
dew falls my trembling
fingers wander
wide blue skies of
kisses bathing jumbles
of blooming flowers

merci, interrupted by
trembling and saliva
whispering resumptions
on the lips or desire
for kisses___

A soul rising and dying
that constant desire
to weep in gray indolences.

:: 02.14.2022 ::


The nasty dark night ate the sun!

The farmers wailed against the dim moon,

“Be sane, or make it otherwise!”

Yesterday i awoke with a torn brain

against lover’s thousand acidic eyes

ripped apart by dying beds.

My screaming wish held but just Ourselves–
and Immortality.

:: 12.21.2020 ::

Shadows In The Mirror

i have eaten the Face of God whose thick body created the mega verse. The fly upon the dank wall accuses me of creating sin; but only dark matter is to blame.

It hides within the jewels of Creation.

My libido murdered untold numbers of unborn sperm and ovulating women conspire to hide this truth deep within their vulva. We are all murderers eating the

flesh of fallen innocent creatures that cannot speak on behalf of their defense. Even a plant has a voice if we only carefully listen.

The world of humans is an asylum of demented souls.

Do not visit us.

:: 04.02.2019 ::


Time step; THE stolen moments
where pain stops and dreams
become real.
threaded through the space
of love-eyes as sung-sings
past-present and futures.

Hearts: the mountain’s rivers
released as a knot torn out
of an awakened mind.

The many but few against the
unaware mass of deepest
sleepers denying the One Light!

AND the blazing sun and all stars
unjustly crowded by deep spacing
, and echoes of Divinity –
lies /have greater ripples
fatter, clutching
dimmer light, U-
understand \
as the Earth seizes-weezes
a bloodclot from its global nose.

MindSphere greetings goes wild,
textPerts too,

a darkMuscle-blood, it too
conceals itself folded within
the secrets and shadows it
carries within most humanity.

Reproduction by
fear, greed, hate, and envy

it buds.

:: 01-04-2017 ::


If thought a thing
not seen or smelled
// an utterly impossibility to tell//
And sight and sound are seen and heard
But kindness and mercy
so felt and loved;
sure as shirred — the heart
an egg without her shell!

:: 04-29-2017 ::



THAT which dwells
so deep within
not placed there
by God or birth
but through the pain
still unresolved

:: 01-25-2014 ::


THE deep I need
a source in life
the well I draw
to quench my words

If it dries
my life will wither
and my spirit to dust
will crumble

:: 01-25-2014 ::