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i cut myself today

upon the thought of
when it is darkest(and
i look up in fear

who sees the reaper,
in drag: it comes to
all of us disguised)

like old familiar ways
so thin like the moon
on waxing days

and the world beats
some say in your head
of course we’ve lived

with how we cling to
our minds  always
sharpest when comes fear

until i feel the familiar
sting that remembers everything
the purple flower’s largest

final air
is what we become my dearest
friend     internal eternal
plunging everywhere untold
of enormous lost dreams

:: 07-18-2015 ::


and all the pain
lives within
a celluloid strip [YOU]
of moving pictures
across the space
of a point in time
it’s the tremolo
score of life
like shoes that fit
within your soul
it’s all of you
so you ride the back
of a bumble bee
it tickles your thighs
but the buzzing soothes
the soul within you
and painted lips
collect gossamer threads
you hold your breath
dreaming of a love
that died within you
it’s all the same
life-life, merry-go-round

:: 02-15-2015 ::


Oh fair tis life!
like the meant dream
which bows to hearts
my maiden comes
like a music which
cobbled stones sing
(the horse knows)
and like my own
expectation comes
but she with a carriage
and mine just love
upon the air!

:: 02-06-2015 ::


River dreams slipping rocks
and i swore i had a place
across your shores too
i thought rock but life
gave me pebbles to eat
and no one i think loves
the weaker one but i know
heat and life are a part
of tiny movements

always know i sometimes
dream but the current
moves me \\ i think
a revelation can catch me
but the river flows
time, what
space too
across your shores
i thought rock but life
gave me pebbles to eat

and i’m only just me
so i can only sing
“the river of life
can take you down
if only you believe,
if only you believe,
in dreams…”

:: 11-20-2014 ::


Most of my favorite memories
are cast within the daily grind
a trip or two across the way
from morning to evening light
But if I am brave enough to say
and sometimes I am not
(but not today)
the very best of memories
are the ones I make within my dreams
And the rarest of all make their own

:: 06-22-2014 ::


In my dream i rode a wave
not one made of ocean
but that of heavenly
love — that quenches me
and i touched the skin
not of human but so much more
she had daises in her hair
and a smile of sunlight too
we decided to run down there
where the road forks in two
and ran toward the woods
where the love-green hide

the trees from the forest
what do you see in life
that before you is a dream
but greater is the forest

Love is an ocean and sun
and passion that green forest
flowers flotsam and candy
jetsam between love and life

Oh I wish for that beach!
where life can dig toes-sand
and umbrella laughter song
a salty wind caressing us!

:: 04-15-2014 ::


We are all born
into a dream
so deep that most
never awaken

:: 04-04-2014 ::


Piece_No_17-110811 - Scentless Apprentice
(c) E.P. Robles

there were orange sherbet skies

a blanket of deep blue waves

and a white beach comforter too


I said to you my dear lover

let this be a dream for life

and never awake me or you


and i want you to know

deep within my heart

i never want you to go


let’s play with the water

and sing with the dolphin

i comb your hair with a shell


and darling never awake

dream upon my tan shoulder

and i will kiss you forever


:: 04-01-2014 ::



Once I dreamed this I did
upon a cloud in sunlit light
not a hint of nightshade
nor a glint of sorrow
and dreams such as this
— this what dreams should be
made of vanilla-kiss lip
and love-making laughter
lightly floats my soul
between the glades-bee
and through rivers fresh
across mountains too
above the land-dew
and through hearts-two
this dream I had once
and stays forever now
what a dream should be

:: 03-21-2014 ::


terminus across my soul

a movement

the light is ancient
and I am old

what power say you
devoid of youth like
father time — eons ago

the vagabond
begs more

No! No! No! — pleading
be gone this illusion
a single note slicing
passion between notice

We are not who we are
who we be
not what thing
that creeps between —

divine dreams

:: 03-17-2014 ::
(c) 2013 E.P. Robles