Hitman Jesus

He mounted his donkey, brushed its shoulder with his hand,
Sighed and whispered, “God bless this land.”
He woke up and laughed at the absurdity of it all,
Knowing that his fate was sealed, destined to fall.

“Jesus? What’s your name?” came a voice in the night,
“Just passing through, not here to start a fight.
But what can I do for you?” he asked with a grin,
Unaware of the deadly game about to begin.

The request was simple, yet gruesome and dark,
To prove their loyalty, they had to leave a mark.
“You have to kill a man, he’s already dead,” they said,
Jesus was bewildered, but he couldn’t back out now, instead.

As they made their way to the victim’s home,
A voice boomed, “Don’t do this, you’ll be alone!”
Threats and warnings filled the air,
As the tension rose, no one seemed to care.

But Jesus couldn’t ignore the voice in his head,
As he lit up a cigarette and watched in dread.
The voices died down, leaving only silence behind,
The weight of their plan heavy on his mind.

As another voice warned him of the impending doom,
Jesus realized he was just a pawn in this gloom.
He questioned the purpose, but it was too late,
He had to follow through, succumb to his fate.

The night grew colder as he watched them go,
Knowing deep down, it was his soul they’d sold.
He sat there alone, staring into the night,
Wondering if there was any way to make things right.

:: rev – 03.02.2023 ::

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