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Far from me far from self
far from help like the stars
and all the props
of living large

is the hidden face
from the cruel
but smiling mirage
of eternal dreams

So i run away from my skin
far from me far from self
like a calm nest of rattlesnakes
or drowning Jesus aside passing ships

And in all despair i raise my arms
and leap into the air toward
the house that God has built
and wish upon that falling Star

far from me
far from help

:: 04-29-2019 ::


Climbing away
from the dream
went a dreamer
who was alive.

Climbing away
from the dream.

He spoke aloud,
with a tired mouth
which was numb
from his sleep.

Climbing away
from the dream.

In the dark of night
he spoke:

“Awake from the dream!”

He climb away from
the dream into

:: 11-25-2018 ::


WHETHER morticians wear
the makeup of cadavers
or madness is the friendliest
voice makes no difference
you are sick
to believe loud colors
have no mouth
and the trunks of people
grow deeply rooted roads
that have many toll booths
the rich pay for free things
and the poor steal dreams
those dead envy the living
and those alive
feel so dead.

:: 10-27-2018 ::


I took this secret journey just me and my mind
and what lay before me i could not understand
and night into day bled and i met this holy man
and his wisdom was his world
and he told me what I’ve never heard
and his light were words i heard
“You will understand light in this
darkness, you will know what compassion means,
you will learn to live and love
and no thing will harm your soul.”
His blindness was his wisdom and my ignorance
was my pain but when you make your
secret journey you will see light in this darkness
and you will meet this Holy Man

:: ~~~~~ ::


THE entrance was kept
in well lit corners
the rug a long dead beard
once hung upon a living face
and walls adorned in history
like the smell of something
that took its last breath
by dimmed years ago
And the boxes!  Of spoons,
knives, and busy-doing life
and one of photographs;
the stolen moments of time
caught unprepared!
Faded, raped, and torn
of once living souls from
the 1900s — i could not hope
but to find one to make my own;
then caught my eye it did!
clearly written in white margin
“May 4, 1886”  A Victorian
death photo — of me!

:: 03-07-2015 ::


(c) E.P. Robles

I was walking my walk-about
just clicking time
upon my heels on Earth
and there came to me
not from within you see
but from the clouds
a voice from heaven

listen soul tread softly
and never turn around
devil hounds are running
as long as you don’t see
mind your journey ahead
and they’ll let you be

I’m just clicking my heels
one step at a time
minding my own business

Miles I’ve gone and more
and my feet so sore
but that sign ahead
says to me a detour

But I can’t leave my path
there’s just too much to see
and that sign is a mirage
so I’ll keep clicking my heels

I’m walking the road of life

:: 04-02-2014 ::


OH! The walk I have walked!
my feet have laughed and wept
through waters of discontent
and over horror through bliss
What path I go now not known
but surely nothing new to me
So walk I do but not alone

:: 03-01-2014 ::


THE VOID began its journey
before the Word spoke
and into light one begat the other
a universal echo of laughter
Our stage is not one alone
but a platform for a world
of souls here and beyond
Attentively they watch the play
so learn your words my dear
the performance of a lifetime
that we may give the audience
that which it has paid in full

:: 02-01-2014 ::


MY feet bleeding
have walked upon
red roses

Tenderly touching
an echo of my soul
longing for a home

What distance away
in desperation walk
shall I return home?

Far I fear… so far
away beyond the hills
and over the clouds



BLUE rains falling
— a taste of pain
Mother Earth smells
— her moist soil…
pre-natal assault
reminds me of you
I was born
before I had a soul

Laughing rays
— the sun is a whore
— she gives her light
to everyone…
I don’t want you
to be a star
unless you shine
just for me

Blue rains falling
it drives me insane
Blue rains falling
we’re one in the same

I can’t even walk
— a cobble stone
let alone
— a lifetime alone…
unless you give
to me your love
Who says two lovers
can’t be the same

Blue rains deliver such love
you will see such love in darkness
And you will find such love
when you find your heart in him