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TOASTER oven sandwich grin on the family corner market keeping all the secrets within your baby warehouse teach your kids about love. Take 30 percent off their soul and i like your mouth come on in; let life fill your pie hole-soul & don’t go bacon my heart
: i couldn’t if I fried! and you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning! and T.Troup was a chemist i’ve been missing life reading-seeing soundbite lies; the first concentrated lies come from roadside billboards like-life riding in a Chevrolet.

THE thing what IS IT? a golden opportunity sale family fun!  shakes & funnel cakes ~~ beef jerky too! and Wall Drug sells coffee for 5 cents a time ago


for 300.00 a month

:: 07-05-2015 ::


“It’s not a great product
but you got to spend your
hard earned money!”

:: 07-03-2015 ::


Think different, Wheaties
breakfast of champions
and Caitlyn knows ||
i’m so horny but for tail
no dangling pieces
And a Diamond is Forever
They’re G-r-r-r-eat!
and Nothing Sucks like
an Electrolux!
Lover’s know: the best
part of waking up is
Folgers in Your Cup
and I don’t want to be
a consumer of commercial
products: shoot me please!
“Hey Mikey…He Likes It!”
case closed: hooked fish-
lipped mouth and nature’s
a whore so “Don’t Leave
Home Without It!”
Nothing Outlasts the Energizer
by Mennen and Pardon Me, But
Do you have any Fucking Grey
Poupon?” I mean, really…?
I digress infinitly and I’ve
Fallen and I can’t Get Up!”
t h is is you r b rain
on drugs –> BE LIKE MIKE
Got milk? Snap into a Slim Jim
horrific shit, yeah.yea.

:: 07-03-2015 ::


If you put a speck
of honesty into today’s
marketing strategy
the whole house
of cards crumbles

:: 05-03-2014 ::


THERE’S one app that makes you happy
and one that makes
you wish for more
— and some that make you
want to give it up
and in a carapace you scream for more
so you go and ask Miss Siri
when she’s ten feet tall…

Poor Siri…
when you wish for more
a request befuddles her so!

Some may ask, ‘who’s on first?’
she will say, ‘ correct’
other’s say, ‘Sing me a song’
‘I could while away the hours’
Siri you could be my mushroom —
if I walked the grassy knoll
and light my rocket if I could walk
the dusty surface of a brightly-Luna

‘And my head I’d be scratching…”
So needing my auto-correcting sword!
‘While my thoughts were busy hatching…’
And I’d go chasing rabbits
— for my sorrowful poor electric-Siri!

‘if I only had a…’
You wait a minute — say no more!