Daily Archives: March 25, 2014


Well now — I’m just a man
but you could do worst
my dear I’m a man willing
to make more of my life

and i hear a calling
that voice of the dead
but my fist punches it
so my life is too tough

and the flesh is pure
but my life to day
it keeps me going
moma said i’m a good boy

and i knew when i took
that first walk it was easy
and after those a hell to walk
but my fire is hotter than hell

and I walk that life and line
a step of fire each time
and i burn each mile walked
but life is a bitch now girl

and i walk and walk life
and dragging life is my toll
but i love to feel the fire
and life is a love i kiss

I walk that life and line

:: 03-24-2014 ::