Daily Archives: March 27, 2014


i confess tonight
to myself —
a hidden trust

so deeply buried
i did not trust
even a buried soul

that i am in love
with one —
who departed

she is gone
but her words
past mortal life

— imperial life —

and now i wait
for rebirth i do
what centuries-me

yes, time no glue
but love waits dear
and i wait for you

come to me now
in spirit or even —
flesh it matters not

:: 03- 26-2014 ::


The mystical kiss
effervescent wings
of my life being skin

a horror i live this life
between life and paradise
what mouth full of teeth

can that fang-gap sing
the immimence of Creator
IT’s glory beyond tought

I cry – die – reborn
below my embers red truth
above vortex heat swirl

embrace the ugly life too!
beneath is such glory be
rejection is a love born

reality and all the universe
has only a single point
where love reside — here

Earth — paradise brings
the food that Creator need
That feast for a few be!

:: 03-26-2014 ::


THAT other day
when i died
that day when i tried

the water too deep
i tried to swim
just for air to breath

that day the carnival
come to life’s town
clowns and fair colors

my family waited for me
but the river did drown
my hopes and dreams in life

but i struggled against wave
Trident’s grasp of my lungs
and alas gave him my hope

Terra firma that i was born
but now a watery grave
but my soul walks the land

:: 03-26-2014 ::


TODAY I met a death
it rode down the road
and landed at my feet
the police wrote chalk
around your spirit today
and heaven spoke to me,

and it said:

“no tears from you sir
what was written
has been served”

But my soul loves life
and what beast could do
what was served today

and my feet are washed
within the blood of life
and my feet are red today

So I walked for miles
and I watched the skies
wanting spiritual insight

Nothing but breeze and bee
a silence screamed too
my shadow followed that breeze

So, God I shout in disbelief
what is the meaning of this
what lesson do you have for me!

And love said:

“what we pray for is not life
and destruction is not a hate
nor death a shape of distrust
but what we desire is love
and the flesh a dressing for life

what you saw was not an ending
yes, for flesh, but not for soul
a cyclic reset was set that day
not to destroy but save that soul

My soul shook to hear this reply
but I know truth and it spoke today
and now my eyes and heart awake
still I wonder about his family”

who are we to wonder life and death
when we are a mixture of both
say the blind leading blind souls

:: 03-26-2014 ::