Daily Archives: March 6, 2014


I was torn by society
a fabric unwoven twice
disassemble factory life

A step into each corner
of a world spinning fast
race, ideology, religiosity

I came to love not bear
fight, or discriminate
flesh knows weakness

Come, let thus build us
a world beyond dreams
one of fate and love

We are human first
this world begs us
fight for all life

Politicians, law
restriction bleed
battlefields we

:: 03-05-2014 ::


A hit on the head
a thump to the heart
a jump on the start
showed me to let them in

Martin Luther
JFK open the door
Mister Lincoln
you before us

I open the door
and hearts flow
I’ll let them in
and let love flow
march for life yes

Farmer Bill
Sister Suzy
Mister Leonard
Brother Phil

Come on in all
there’s a plan
before the fire
beneath the night

Someone’s knocking
on the door —
do me a favor
and let them in

Sister and brothers
the plant of liberty
is dry — let’s try
bleed dream and cry

:: 03-05-2014 ::


AND when your heart
was an open book
you gave yourself
and love — the season
you never knew fear
and ever changing
shades of life
was your rainbow

But rain comes down
and flowers drink
the tears of broken
hearts —
live and let die
I say live and let die

The jester motions you
upon heels you sway
but the job you have
you got to do well

Seasons burn kisses
and horizons blend well
but that heart of yours
will live and let die

live and let die
live and let die

:: 03-05-2014 ::