Daily Archives: March 22, 2014


YOUR face    image
a soul memory came leaping seeping
a thunder bolt struck
me and burned
solid      resolve
seeking solace in a flower
or a fragrance for the soul
no lover loved as my soul do
a cost above the fray of human-all
whirl dizzy soft doe-eye sees
a meadow wet in soft bed drop-tears
gently walking no twig broken do
that heart so strong and love beyond
i met my Maker too
fallen stars also have
dear lover
How crazy I flew just to impress you
a human flaw
and my license — love above all
against tides that erode simple pleasure

and jump-start death
arrest life
No!  Sweet lips
love is the reason
for all

:: 03-22-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

ONE fire burned that for another
FIRE consumed an admiration —
God’s gift of gifts to all
that Beethoven adored Mozart
Sixteen age years he traveled
and once within the music room
Mozart, in no mood to meet the boy
— a prodigy like Wolfgang, said:
“Play me something…” — said he
C minior Piano concerto
“No not that, anyone can play!
Let flow what you have written”
and Beethoven did – stroke a fire
Said Mozart, “Stanzi, Stanzi,
one day he will give the world
something to talk about.”

:: 03-22-2014 ::


Not a goodbye my sweet birds
but that season change
o’er time and human needs
the burrow may borrow
what little warmth of rabbit
but the sun sees and need
a grand love — we give Her
so not a goodbye little ones
a promise for future-tomorrow

:: 03-22-2014 ::


Daddy made a smile and i drank it down
and his bedtime stories with my teddy bear
made my youthful life magical and full of sprites
and i love the memories that flow through time
and each thought is a universe of living life
a life that i only now know was magical
daddy take your time and live the moment
not the past but now and forward-time for me
and kiss sun-drenched dreams for life and love
i’m here and you are there — together always one
so, daddy take this love and spread it around
around the seconds and minutes of our memories
we are a spring and summer that gives life
and wings of fairy and butterfly carries us

:: 03-21-2014 ::

My Life Met A Spectre


My sorrow surrounds me today
It is not a garment I wear
but a thing that sticks to me
Weep I do to one day leave it


No, i do not dwell in sorrow
dear, i grab life and love
each time it my way passes
but my fingers are tired


it is not a thing of flesh
but more-so a breath of air
and her scent is nature
to me she is Mother Nature


What poem could i share
mere words of love and joy
but these are of fire-pain
run far-hide from my stanzas


but if the seven wonders come
and you should match them all
and if blood and fear is no thing
then my heart is yours forever


a whisper escapes my spirit
my soul could not dare say
but i believe in you much so
it’s not of pain and fear

:: 03-21-2014 ::


The morning sees a day of light
a crescendo of movement my love
and what we say today echoes
into that heart and space-time
we are not privileged to live
it is a gift and not a right
a rented soul-cage are we all
no script given above living
so we move and walk and talk
and give and take and squawk
the negative takes but know
the giving gives more-so dear
therefore do not let flesh
overrule the day — Amen
but that beating heart give
more than you take in life

:: 03-21-2014 ::