Daily Archives: March 29, 2014


when i posted my emotion
inside the stream of media
i did not wish you to die

but you took the words
and made them blades
and cut your veins girl

what she told her mother
was a ruse made in haze
and her haste did her in

girl…you are my life
but now in your death
you turn to me and cry

after all this time…
you still surprise me
a #selfie did you in

And in your life you said
that your pain will lead
to a pleasure beyond life

ah girl…now you live
a death in paradise
and pleasure six feet deep

:: 03-29-2014 ::


I dream to life
a life of death
and wish I dreamed

of world in love…

and dream I do —

when I dream for you
and dream could be more than me
you are my dream

and a wish
that I wish to dream…

and minds and hearts
destroy and birth

gestation and genocide

go hand-in-hand

:: 03-29-2014 ::


I was on the turnpike
when the sun vanished
one moment it shone
— a coronal-bride
to be and next
a vast deep darkness
whose reach greater
than the deepest oceans

Off I crawled the turnpike
as it too dangerous to drive
for even the headlights died

and now the fields I belly-hug
knees too shaky to stand
that great be my fear —

and in the distance I hear
the guttural screams of humanity
even the creatures too

:: 03-29-2014 ::