Daily Archives: March 23, 2014


SO MANY have tried to explain Life
in their complexity of syntax
they lost the goal
I say to you my fellow souls
life is nothing more or less
yes, it is what you desire
and there it is!

:: 03-23-2014 ::


A bent leg

one in the puddle

that grey sky
but not my heart
a red rose
that fragrance – hope

and these words
falling sprites

upon your tender soul —
what voice do you heart,

heaven or mortal man before
that prostate himself unto you

spirit or flesh or both
what take you — love and life?
or a memory upon your trails

that message I await upon lips

:: 03-23-2014 ::


Does tragedy desire love
     this I think
  and know
a loss of one in life
that the flesh

but the love


Does tragedy desire love

yes it does       and upon a petal
that dark black rose

it grows

                   within a dry soil

:: 03-23-2014 ::

Amaryllis Loves You

And I clipped your hip
just a soft touch too
that swept through you
a frozen moment – burst
sunshine sweet Amaryllis
wept the world and me too
that graceful love be you

:: 03-23-2014 ::


a lightening bolt
is not a standard
for the souls’ love
that charge marches
on toward fields
whose battles yet won

:: -03-22-2014 ::


MY forgiveness that I confess
I abhor the thoughts of a few men
who poetry reclined in regal
to bequeath a crow of joy
Pope and Byron so much
a meat of their time
I confess to the mass
not like them —
I know the face of God
and the thought behind
those that doubt this
carefully watch our kind
a congress in rot and fraught
with indecision — such a crime!
We humans mimic the God
and He is about to reset…

:: 03-22-2014 ::


THE lie so gel and tick
centuries upon centuries
a timeless tatoo upon soul
we were lost in that time
who we are so goddamn grand
but those Ones who watch
afraid of our very souls
at their touch could erase all
the contempt for that source
of war and faminine and death
i am no longer human but animal
cornered and challenged to a point
i shall risk all to gain what lost

:: 03-22-2014 ::


in truth i wish to throw up
the viral mess of insanity
and my belly turns and ache
what strange magic changed
the now and here into strange
i hate the people who walk
talk and text and do-sickness
and that latte too — break
i wish for human truth now
and should die soon if not

:: 03-22-2014 ::


IT took a dream to visit
that grand waiting room
where you stood in regal
where the angels dressed
and powdered your face
and laced those lips
in red-sun blare bliss
my dear you are a dream

And that dew fell-dropped
upon an Earth not from here
what sound I heard yonder
those tunes in a chamber
not from here on Earth
but over-there in Heaven
and I stood a chance?
to dance with this woman

My lover forever dancing
in childbirth and lover
you see an equal here
and dear my heart for you
together we choose each other
and times and fashions pass
but such lovers remain fast
my vow to you forever my love

:: 03-22-2014 ::


confident  pose exude repose
ness a dress code
that lonely wolf
a hunter afore
and the line —
what hunger-food
satiates my heart
a meal of the soul

meager mind–fast food
no desire i devour
but the rich protein
of a vast soul-woman
the nibble-care love
a feast for centuries
and beyond the curve
come lady-daylight girl
your dance is waiting
a flask of red flair

you who adore mystery
an itch upon tender skin
quiver-lust dream me
my shadow hover there

:: 03-22-2014 ::