Daily Archives: March 21, 2014


Complexity swim beneath my skin
a severity twice-fold within soul
minor key pounce life-notes-me
and refrains of sweetness-motes
i am that one-different in life
no care for superfluous thing
but love–that be my charge
protect and care and serve

:: 03-21-2014 ::


Once I dreamed this I did
upon a cloud in sunlit light
not a hint of nightshade
nor a glint of sorrow
and dreams such as this
— this what dreams should be
made of vanilla-kiss lip
and love-making laughter
lightly floats my soul
between the glades-bee
and through rivers fresh
across mountains too
above the land-dew
and through hearts-two
this dream I had once
and stays forever now
what a dream should be

:: 03-21-2014 ::


We danced upon a whim
Two strangers entranced
the night a culprit for us
but moon enticed us too
and your hands were porcelain
My demure a portrait of civility
But within my fire I raged dear
just a chance to fall for you
I did — second measure first refrain
footsteps across the marble
and timeless epochs followed
no Romeo or Juliet knows
this tender night given by Grace
not of pain or lost no not at all
it is a gentle promise from the heart

:: 03-20-2014 ::