Daily Archives: March 30, 2014


I refuse to believe that love is fleeting
only a shadow made of lust of night
My spirit has built a castle for love
and her rooms are many to fill
each a day in my life for her
and when she comes I have room
and a land so green and grand
full of brooks and trees and life
and flower beds and a vast sky
where she is I do not know yet
but I await her and heavenly love
she will bring and I shall give back —
an ounce of her is a pound of me
and my hand is a river against
her breast that she shall feel
the life of golden years through time
a water to rock and pebbles
and pebbles to grains and sand
and stream shall carry us beyond
to the other life above heaven …

:: 03-30-2014 ::


LIFE has a reason
not just to live
it’s a lesson
to make you see
that what you think
is not what you see

what in the world
are we all
thinking of?

the burden is on
those of you
who think and feel

how is the world
gonna live dear
if not by you

so moon and stars
shine on in hearts
that life has kissed

and we all shine on
and the Mother too
She awaits that moment

A world that lives
lives as one and lives
and loves nature too

:: 03-29-2014 ::


Wet drop heavy dew
a purchase made
in nature too —
upon my leaf
I carry you
until you roll
that fall of you
beyond the cusp
of my green love
into the air
and gather life
before the final drop
upon Mother you splatter
and feed her children

Love is you — my drop
of water but magical fire
you feed all in life
my desire for you dear
is to feed my heart
and light my fire
that i may one day
fall for you too
and feed the world
as you do my lovely one

:: 03-292-2014 ::


WAY down below the belly
of the gods and souls too
i could scream of pain
but the love is more —

and the clouds bring rain
and the sun – she screams
a light of brightness
i could live forever…

praise god and Her roles
and the people who cling
love is binding and bring

a piece of soul to my life
and this life is about more
and tears and smiles – joy

i was here before your words
and even song and praise of me
and i accept your adulation’s

but my desire is for you to live
so live yea-yeah live forward
the past is a thing – but future

future is a promise that bring
a piece of your past and how…
and now is what you eat now

time and space splits the mind
and the body is a soul-cage
and the canary sings many songs

:: 03-29-2014 ::