Daily Archives: March 20, 2014


IN my eager need I stepped beyond my living soul
into a place which kept those yet unseen goals
Such a surprise today I met!
To see the future and my life;
the good and sad and grand
and the ones who have I
loved, met, and died —
upon their lips they sang
to me, “achieve all my dreams”
within your life;
another step I took — returned
and now believe my dreams.

:: 03-20-2014 ::


I, within the flat and dry plains
could see clearly into eternity
but a day unbeknownst to me
the sudden violent weather —
no fraternity, but came to be
The skies cracked my spirit
and bolt-light my soul
this for five long years
the rain — incessant winds
and on a day of certain death
the sun became my friend again
and in the distance the storm went

:: 03-20-2014 ::


THIS love so large my lover
it spreads the stars yonder
and fuels all hearts —
that they may discover
the truth of life and ponder

:: 03-18-2014 ::


CROSSROADS cover your feet today
a compass point toward eternity
the South a simple purgatory
the East a right-hand man
the West a naysayer too
the North a true path for you!

:: 03-18-2014 ::


in my mystery costume
i show no face but dare
your smile to show and care
and in the middle of a song
let’s dance and kiss-tell
and closer we go-beyond
a hot line no other dare
sherbet tongue-taste
my-cherry-lips crusted
a soda fountain flood
consumes my lust-river
and marshmallows float
we bite to save our souls

:: 03/18/2014 ::