Daily Archives: March 31, 2014


love did you call my name
i was dying in the meadow
by that brook we used to walk
and i remember, too our words
said you — if you love me
you will never walk away
I said dear, there’s no shame
that love caught us two
and the brook sings the same

Her throat washes our souls
in a babble-song for time
and I saw a fawn dancing
the kiss of God bouncing
an orange ball upon the sky

And we dance and angels cry
the dance of life and tears
and the prancing fears

If we cry, angels know dear
and the oceans rise, I know
from the tears of lovers

Pain, Love and Life
all the same in this world
colors of a world in pain

I’m the priest of all salvation
underneath the tears of confession
keep the faith of all my passion

I’m still in love with you
still a place to love in you
but the sands fall empty time

Mortals can only love one
at a time in this world
but over-there not the same

Love is love and love is all
no human emotions but grace
and Light and Joy Reins

:: 03-31-2014 ::


So we agree about the situation
and it’s all very well —
but what to do about the human
those that love and hate

nothing, they will kill each other
and we can wash our hands clean

but what about life and love
they exhibit it too dear
and we are not like them

well, here we are I agree
maybe wait for a One
who can balance it out

dear, we tried that once
remember — they killed him
and now they are more hungry

then I say let human decide
and we know that equation
zero sum

Lover, not if I have my way
I will never abandon
and have something up the sleeve

very well…dear
unleash your love
and Grace will Save them

those animals with souls
we breathed unto them
judges will judge

:: 03-31-2014 ::


Born inside a bruised dirt-womb
and tasted asphalt before sweets
and fell into the fire feet first, damn
before my first baby steps too
life is trying to kill me
no matter how hard I try
spit and words don’t help much
but sure makes me feel good
death can have me —
but not today
no matter how hard it tries
death is trying to catch me
it can take the highway
because today I’m walking
walking in the flowers
beneath the sun

:: 03-31-2014 ::


I stepped outside the deck of cards
an infinite pile of here and now’s
a brand which the Gods call life
and took a peek ahead the hand
that fate had prepared for me —
a shuffle here and cut and cut
and peeked again and smiled
no need to cheat —
when one’s heart the ACE

:: 03-31-2014 ::


When does that end
let the new shed life
what left in that past
never was
only seasons do melt
what, when, how

:: 03-31-2014 ::