Daily Archives: March 28, 2014


I loved the unlovable
a princess who wore

a beast mask of pain

she bled me each day
but even so I was strong
and I really learned a lot

and now I see the pity
— such strength I gave

but my princess remains

in an untruth that life
she lives is a lie — I cry
Oh I cry such a lie

that she lives and I die
I die each day I awake
but my strength moves me

A knight never gives up
My love a round table
for the lovers who never die

:: 03-27-2014 ::


concerning the vampire

humans are worse —

the vampire drink blood

but humans

consume the carcass


:: 03-27-2014 ::


MY remorse each day
a ceremony for life
but even for the dead
that my body —

must eat each day
or it be dead one day
that my lips receive
the offering of living

and my intestines devour
through my teeth and tongue
what once lived and dead
such a beast am I – i dread

the difficulty of living
is more than social stress
for the SENSITIVE more it be
that we are cannibal in life!

:: 03-27-2014 ::


such repose exposed
equisite that evidence

my heart reveals

a mind of its own

i ponder that wonder

your poise a flower
discover that land

when in my youth
i ventured forth

but now that age pull

but my heart and mind

that love and heart
have i for you burns

still a fire and lips
love has no costume

that we love is all
and love you i do so!

:: 03-27-2014 ::