Daily Archives: October 14, 2015


Like unwinnable wars like broken hearts
feeling there’s no living gods
Like a poem that is out of reach
that no ink can write
i feel you.
With dreaming hope like a smile of love
without a lover a little footstep
without impossible dreams
there’s no unbeatable odds.
Shall I say it again?
With dreams there’s no
invisible walls and i sing,
“I just want you”
There’s no Juliet without
Romeo, there’s no thrills
without uncureable life.
and I just want you
and I just want you
And how are you?
There are no incrimeable crimes
no reason or rhymes why we lock
doors between living and life.
If there’s an Alpha I say
oh me again (omega) possible
dreams and I just want you
i just want you
just want you you
how i dream fall-smile
within your soul dear!

:: 10142015 ::


TO the beautiful woman
in blue and white
apple-bite smiles
,butterfly lash.
From far flung lands
of beaches so white
a California delight
your smile caught
in perpetual light
I devour the pearl
of your eyes,
slend kiss-finger
let me embrace the rays
of your eternal fire!

:: ~~ ::


Yearning, crying, waiting
I was hoping I could
try, year, and wait
and my eyes keep on
falling tears waiting
yearning and crying
trying — so I’m
waiting just for you!
So, in hoping cause
you’re the one I love
why, crying all night long
wishing someday soon
something changes so
you’ll be all just mine
and thank God I’m
alive just for you!

:: ~~ ::


WHAT majesty does beauty born
when natural acts become love
lest pain or fear for these,none!

Invite such love and light
and confuse not between past and fear!
Let bloom both love and light
I say live
away from those weak shadows.

:: ~~ ::