Daily Archives: October 25, 2015


IN my highness of life —
mowered down lilies
and spoke,
“sheriff, i betrayed
those roots in fear
again, we were friends.”
AND moses gave them
a blow of angel’s weed
like pets getting high
like nature: a whore
silently shinning upon
a tiny tree and i’m the
green leaf
And living is no single
thing daring party seen
i love myself and
never abuse my Soul
just my heart and my head
i’m a leaf within a tree
with a thick trunk and
the deepest roots
heaven moves stars
and i’m so loved by
the soil in my heart
i won’t complain
i won’t complain

:: 10242015 ::

SCHIZOPHRENIC PROSE (The Secret Society of Hidden People)

My soul is lost
upon ice-blue crevasses so deeply!
help me my blue elephant
that lettuce is brave
like electrons always saying hello
and never goodbyes!
You slip on lice and break your arms
it’s all so SCHIZOPHRENIC: tangentiality!
stilted speech and phonemic paraphasia
are mainly broken-minded poets
who use both sides of a pencil
-+95% of black eyes kill 5% of rabbits
and the bird whistles in Japaneses:
“sei shin bun retsu byo”
( mind split disease)
where logic and proportion falls
between the King & Queen
AND ALL ANGELS go to 7-Eleven
in their heavenly garments to buy
hot dogs and slur-pees
and writing is a socially acceptable
form of schizophrenia…hmm….
such is the paradox of delusion
and how are you? When you walk down
a sidewalk to the abuse of verbally
abusive birds chirping loudly how
dull and stupid you are. So you move into
a homeless shelter and make new friends!

:: 10242015 ::


Be quiet my heart
be twice
quiet my soul!
that which prey
searches love
by quiet streets
of life walks!
Be by gentle life
so quiet
all life and love
come to gentle
spirits full of sun
so be quiet,
by brilliance
most never know!


Love when harsh feelings die
stirs my heart–
fields, like golden dreams
sticking life
like humming bird’s wings
A bright sun hangs in place
that burns my heart–
feels mighty like olden days
picking red roses
which leaves all pink
reminds me of you
as June’s garden’s full
of odours, when sweet
violets sicken. Then will
you think you’re happy?

:: 10242015 ::


THE shouldest wind my never dream
I should
held //–ME. I might then should
did Dream Cold coal :: coals. this Time
hammered now into a brilliant thunderous
of what’if’s that stun time
–where all flesh becomes amazed ages
welcome to life.
The elder generation adores you
that we once are you Once. And now.
(A whispered mystery)?
So Open up the window and let some
air into your room
while ghosts parade your heart.

:: ~~ ::


i may walk lightly through days
while…did you see the stars?
they fell into my pockets
and one with holes i keep,
where souls go when
life is somewhat-like
the dug hole for the dead
7′ by 3′ is a testimony
to the largeness of human life
then please do not stand upon
this grave and weep:
the phone shall never be answered
the message someday may be received
the blue jay in snow always sings
the fallen heart glints in lost love
the poet lives by many constructed words
When I stand by this grave I am not six
feet deep but three miles upward into
the uplifting rush of a brilliant sky

:: 10242015 ::