Daily Archives: October 28, 2015


There past the before of today the heart and soul tenderly aches
for the simpler times
of bygone era
where feet once were
to horseback and hoof
as wheels to silver steel wings
— travel much a quickeroo
but less to see!
months to weeks
from days to minutes
dizzy-spinning mind in me!
What future tomorrows
shall less sanity bring
where wings away fall
to conquer nature’s pull
blink-less stellar travel
and time-river reversal!
Such command and power
— but we lose it all,
human-less are we
a mere reflection
of what was-be
such horrid tragedy!

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There within that meadow
beneath that weeping willow
came to me, my love —
upon golden wings
and gossamer hair

what separation held
dissolved unto bliss
my heart gently held
within angelic mist

there within that meadow
beneath that weepy willow
saw a rebirth of soul
and fear fled, sorrow too
and the willow cried
“what soul once chained

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I’m sitting pondering
bits and pieces
of my own beating heart by the shore
i texted the coast guard watching
the porpoise flipping across waves
in cerulean memories of when i
said ‘i meant to honor you even
if i loose everything in the
ocean of my life’
I watched how the shores took a bit
of you so i send my love to you
you are the sunlight of my life
every night giving all my love to you
and seashells singing of you
the warmest blood of all is so fanthoms deep
so i honor you with the seas of my heart

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