Daily Archives: October 26, 2015


THERE is only one moment
we can live within
and it is called
the empirical number
of no value!
With arms as wide
as winds and words
that whisper whens
between the spaces
one square foot mired
twisting time’s froth
and we all fall within
each footstep towards
eternity the deepest lap
of enormous mindless
distinction of no one
every knows!

:: 10262015 ::


Perhaps when I throw up
it’s when I’m with you
haphazardly birthing baby
dreams across the cosmos
Perhaps when I’m with me
noting flies speaking lies
as the autumn season mauls
. . . one perfectly placed
coffin (or coffee?)
I caught a whiff of old books
at a red light and how strange
the road is a book-spine without
words or covers
And someone asked, “would
you hit a woman with a baby?”
No, I’d hit her with a brick
is the e.e. cummings answer.

:: 10262015 ::