Daily Archives: October 4, 2015


WIDEST memories a saddest smile
why the world grins three smiles
into a dead house within saddest eyes
why are there soldiers of my heart
here with the dead dancing
with the invisible ones; i say
no word can hold them here
a falling broken wing striding
after gliding massacre tonight
did we laugh) and we dance
like we’ll dance for freedom
and joy within hands too quick
and a mouth in too much anguish
forming a form of protest
with fresh faces and another
love another torture chamber
dancing with their mothers
dancing with their fathers
and working the machine
of life in words of “what
else can I do?” we dance
with invisible ones
One day laughing not(saying
the world may be too big)
holding one tiny this
with time And thinking
of your armor

:: 10030215 ::


IF you remember me
come a little further
— why be afraid
touch me and take
my love across fields
of barley And within
my arms you fell
my love and forgot the
sun in her jealous sky
(and promises believe
that anything which
has ever been thought
can never spoil this
or a forever thought)
if you remember me
and love stay and
gaze awhile if you
stay so be my love
and forget the sun
within her jealous sky

:: 10032015 ::


THE words of angels
say: “we all have times
within our lives when things
may not be going well…”
and an angel falls from
heaven with each rain drop
to guide it to its place
and golden moments within the
stream of life rush past us
and gratitude is our most
direct link to God and
the angels //so sing
glory unto us

:: 10032015 ::


AMOROSO now that i have
found you within
a shade of your smile
i am caballero
i am an ocean
moving sand and earth
for you
i am inamorato
for you
sun burns dark side
the quiet fears of love
flow through me
and i lie here for you
burning for you
and the blood assassin
passing on eating dreams
in nighttime fall
and your love flows
through me
and i burn for you

:: 10032015 ::


We are obsessed
(we are)
with pretending.
Always showing another face;
And so am I.

Then let’s remove the masks.
And run far and wide away-
(I’ll leave my keys in the door)

You were always
(we are)
the different one too cool.
To care is saying nothing
aside from a comment on the weather

So we are.

And when I consider love
you are faultless in your ways
and I walk toward you with a rose
and through the opened gates of
your heart.

Behind my back i hold sweet dreams
I’ll paint you the sun across your heart
that shines forever and a day;
the love an emerald cut with truncated
corners of our hearts.
I shall show how the flowers bloom
and how your soul unstartled by
narrow steps of this dream
recovers the moon within your eyes

:: 10032015 ::


WHEN shall (i know when)
time be still?
it’s when you smile
and i imagine life’s
(like sunrises) clouds
turn pink bashfully

i shall remember

Humanity which like lovers
break away at times
like two weeds upon a field
untwined by sunset
longing for the moonlight
which (and when) dying is
not worth it like roses
complaining their beauties
are in vain

and as this night are you
whispering within my heart
a perpetual thought committing
a crime of passion which i’ve
no control over

and tonight i both love
and hate you

:: 10032015 ::


i SeNt an e-mail to you
with a smirk inside my skull
licked the mouse as a postage
stamp and folded my emotion
neatly inside my beat-less heart
did it go through? sending all
my love to you…
walked across a wall mirror
gave me this afternoon
saw a shadow across the wall
i’m a coward waiting clumsily
to cease a soon forgotten tune

and now love falls from moonlight
it’s like every night was waiting
for a beating heart
where i give all my love to you
and my beating heart’s learning
how to give life and love
god’s terrible heart burns me
touches the fabric of my tongue;
when i honor you like the stars
and moon as something that has
never occurred: i’m giving all
my love to you i am soul without
skin, just a wandering spirit
honoring you and i send all my
love to you

I’ve never loved you dear
as now i love you

:: 10032015 ::


sun’s tongue licked me
o sweet burning love
inside my soul
the earth and nothing
have often
touching mind touching me
the scientist baffled
pinching and poking this one
steeple and prayers
to be to see a focused
buffet of philosophy
is beauty for the mind
there is no blame
no sin nor paranoia
just a creature fearing
the incomparable couch of
death my deepest thinker
so ride upon time
skip eternity and no one
knows (religion has taken
you on a ride) your knees
bleeding upon the road
to enlightenment

:: 10032015 ::