Daily Archives: October 5, 2015


WHAT glory if it falls
from clouds or
from amongst trees?
The sky — immortal
is where
i left my romantic heart
breathing hushingly
sweet words of life!
o’ burning point of sun
caressing wind
i am entitled to think
i gave you a flower
when we loved
the far-departed
sweet hunger of life
And stars and moons!
the many things and
which die — my steps
to seek your heart
are gentle words
and fair lady i am
the music within you
the dreams of life
we continue to live
again and then again!

:: 10042015 ::


IF by moon or light
of love’s eyes
if it may be so
brilliance’s love
by love’s only soul
by love and so
by brilliant wishes
of forever love
If by noon or night
of lover’s soul
if it may be so
by brilliant love
by lost love forever
i never lost
within my heart
IT is my soul!

:: 10042015 ::


Within the mist of time
within the wish of hearts
within the mesh of minds
i’ve tried to show you
love and soul
Far below, a warble sings
the singing feathered heart
of distinct ecstasy
and when we dance.
nature is high up where
faith as fashion climbs
and earth upon a point
warbles within your hand
like a bird that sings.
(i use to say my soul
was salvation i saw
the angels of this dance
and i’m old fashion…)
if i say i love you and
love buys your soul
will you dance as angels
fall from heaven into
our hearts? I see moving
life wheel fashion and
i say i love you
dear, i’m still in
love with you!

:: 10042015 ::


PUT to sleep my dreams
and give me familiarity
send to me a ferocious
phenomenon of 1920s
where i find myself
where i find myself
again . . .
an age of dramatic call
of social and political
change — i prayed
i knew what i did
so many years ago
i became what i am
a gigantic uvula
of perturbed gesticulation
 of all the faces passing by
i’ve no choice but to follow
bright lights, people, and the
moon at night  and what i do
is so wrong; you’ll never
hear my feet or my presence
in the sharp fang of my teeth
I could never show my face
at noon and you’ll only see
me walking at night by a moon
I’ve a face unrevealed
  and the hands of a priest
while i stalk you  feeling
how trapped i’m in this life
like an innocent lamb
always walking by the light
of the moon;  i’m the face
of a sinner and have no shape
while the moon hangs over you
:: 10042015 ::


LOVE my love
never dies
sometimes weak
but you keep
a fire lit
between us
In the night
such a might
between us
in the night
such strength
bequeath us
such delight
the arrow
of Cupid
binds us
as one
Never leave
but believe
such a gift
so rare
is love

:: ~~ ::