Daily Archives: October 22, 2015


IN quiet nights i see how
we kissed goodbyes and knew
how love is so wild like
memories that wain
upon trees and bluejays
but through the time
i kissed your tears
over and again
with eyes that know
how shadows ran
across the breeze
in brush-stroked love
So say hush my heart
let’s watch the yonder
where celestial wheels
roll across the blue
spirits crying.
we sketched our hearts
in the chill of seasons
and how i know now
all the words you said
and i did not listen
and you suffered insanity
but now i see how flaming
flowers blaze within you
and weather-faces blow
memory — and how i
love you now.
Quiet nights comforting
floating clouds.

:: 10222015 ::


You walk within my dreams
–> last night
a thought so near to me
and endeared to me.
but you couldn’t quite
discern me and you:
a stage like
a melody holding up
the world inside you
–a big secret wins
you over like a few
actors pacing from
shadow to shadow
too far apart. So i
stretch myself like
a shadow actor explaining
ticket tax and we live
in such bad product
: to meet my glory,
but my secret hovers
over my life to keep you
reaching like heaven; are
we dead citizenS or survivorS?
iT IS THE pulse of poetry.

:: 10222015 ::


i was in war when the call came
speakers blaring ‘take cover’
and you said goodbye dear
continents away in flesh and spirit
went the dream into the fire
why were you so quiet?
when heaven fell.
Baghdad is a adolescent face
full of acne
and the sand damper killing
So carefully I crawled into
the foxhole and cried for life
and love — one war won (i lived)
another lost (in love).

:: 10222015 ::