Daily Archives: October 16, 2015


Baby sleeps beneath dreams
white sheets and i almost
fell into the hole of your

Maybe someday you’ll choose
the one ; so many souls,
love how you scatter like
ice to heat upon life

and how i remember your crown
;the princess with crowds
who sing, “you’re the same
as me!”

/and how the world spins
beneath you like a heart
lost in turmoil and danger
% we’re getting older %

(so much the same as me!)

Who realizes, who chose you?
love never does show you
how life swallows light
and you came down as my angel

(while I’m getting older)

and i always love
i always love how you
lived and now just a ray
of light And there’s no time
left for losers, sweet dreams
live all because you left
singing, “All because i loved
you.” And the ice scattered
like swans upon a pond speaking
“we always love you”

:: 10162015 ::


LAUGHING, hoping, crying
waiting, wishing you are
the one i dreamed of //
my heart keeps on a falling,
all night while . . .
waiting hoping you’ll come
back to me
// laughing, waiting hoping
you come back while i wait
i feel so useless hoping
you see i’m waiting
for you
crying…my fears keeping
me useless –> falling so feeling
so useless, waiting hoping
thing’s change while hoping
you’ll come back to me

:: 10152015 ::