Daily Archives: October 21, 2015


THE Smallest is a thing
no name barely,
echo memory.
Just the same such a stain
that still remains,
within my brain,
the smallest thing.
fragment memories.

::~~ ::


IF I were
a broken soul
who could mend me,
the cobbler
down the road?
With his crafty skills
and many tools,
the awl or maybe
stretching tool?
He would surely know
— should I go?
My shoes, so worn
but my soul so full
of these empty holes.
My Cobbler, sir!
Repair my soul
,insufferably I plead!


WE skip night All into a daze
hours and minutes, WATER uh!
and walk the plank of a ship
that breaks icebergs in Bering
pass the coke and Jim Beam
I say hang around my sea parking
lot swelling undulating waves!
We run the boat — well, oh hell
Indian Summer nights
hugging my radio
we set sail for the horizon
made it through the cold
and it’s getting real and ya
say let’s head for the coast
Gotta say we got a fishing hole
and the girls of fantasy
feed us tonight
It’s all the summer nights
playing in my head well
got a job and gonna do it tonight
Bring home the smelly clothes
and bacon and another month
of living right now what i’m
talking about! Yeah a few
who run the night on busy waters
we never let go oh hell yah!
We run the night on busy waters
don’t you know? We don’t play
games with lives on the ropes

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