Daily Archives: October 1, 2015


in all the seas in all of love
in all of senses in all of nations
there is a love there is a people
in every kiss in every step
listening and nations wishing
understanding and every ripple
of a wave of ocean i say people wish
to understand there are ones
who ache and wish every sound of life
is a rising love and people waking up
and rising in life
in all the madness of our world
all the wars and all the anger
and all the greed and all the symbols
of all the world: at the point of our
center of destruction and all the devils
of our world — say, love is a seventh
wave and say i see every leaf and how
nature gives me every love and how you
give me everything — fear is a hunger
we feed to the point of destruction
and the angels see we are a people
who love the seventh wave and we
say love is the seventh wave
(every smile we give every step we
take a ripple on the ocean)

:: 0930-2015 ::


My little one, my little one!
Where have you gone?
Beneath the little bed perchance within
a closet full of brooms?
My little one! Hide and seek
is your favorite game but now i see i cannot
ever find the little one!
Life has given you the key to maturity and you now hide
within a fully grown one!
My little-big, my little-big!
so proud to find you all grown — the little one
no longer has to hide beneath the little bed!

:: 05-16-2014 ::


I (someONE) dreamed
when i were
alive dancing
within time
kissing days
and holding hands
of summer heat
dreaming life
of pain and pleasure
a romance of
beating heart
and measure
of a small space
between death
and living
is the sweet dream
of life

:: 09302015 ::


if i lie within my bed of pain
let’s call her death
and my sheets i’ve woven
entwined in dreams of youth
that i took your breasts
within my mouth i weep!
and to see how life expands
into a thin string of weakness
and of your-heart and smile
too i’ve seen thinly die
i ate the dreams
from your mouth and arguments
are stupid things spectral ghosts
of hungry love!
but your eyes and lips and hands
are just as ghostly to my heart
as years that creep away and
so do you!

:: ~~ ::


i love you and my love
you love my child
which was born
i heard you
in my head
my loving whore
who adored
my love a perfect
story of horror
a gun to my head
a peace of heart
a piece of me
loving death
And you are dirty
and i count the stars
and you are dead
eating wishes in me
i am your whore
asking God entirely
why my neck stretched
upon sweet teeth
–a gun to my head
always my whore

:: 09302015 ::


A smell of silence
as i am as we are
give me a word
as a friend as i know
as we were memories
say you gave a moment
i froze you in me
memory a memory
is such a belated
friend — memory
a memory dead
Instead say to me
you are a tramp
a defeated friend
whom i love instead
of all the ones
who killed me
and i scream i love
the one who doesn’t
have a gun
i love everyone

:: 09302015 ::