Daily Archives: October 17, 2015


SAY say, be awhile girl
lay lay a while hiding
within this world
so cruel a world
and now you say want to
start something new
oh girl ->
how the world is cruel
and does a heart feel
strong enough girl
don’t want to see you
sad //just remember
there’s a lot of evil
out there, oh baby
and i rememeber how
you smiled baby love you
wishing you remember
the world is hard to get
by baby as a child of
love and how you smile
oh baby it’s a hard
world and so hard to
get by upon a smile girl
ad always remember
how i saw you as a child
so if you leave now
Oh, girl it’s a hard world
so hard to get by baby
on a smile girl
and love is a blue sky
girl singing about love

:: 10162015 ::


Young man bring me your life
let me take a look at you
so young i see a lot of me
in you a lot like my son
Take a look around your life
and see the echoes of me
saying i love life
saying i love you
two thousand acres
in a paradise i saw how
the blue-jay never gets lost
Saying how you look inside
my eyes and it’s so true
tilling a fields full of
lullaby’s //and it doesn’t mean
how fast you were and now
i’m so alone in a house now
I say love me old soul
say how paradise is a
road that hugs you
You look inside my eyes
singing how I was first
and last…sweet dreams
mean so much to me when
time is past rolling over you
Oh! Take a look at how i need
someone believes in me
~~ how the wheels roll
across how my old man was
so alike me and i keep rolling
across the hills keeping life
alive and it’s true how the
hills roll over me and you
it’s a lot like you a lullaby
and now times goes so fast

:: 10162015 ::